Ian’s Realm is Live

It’s been over seven years since the Ian’s Realm Saga has been published. Lots of rewriting and editing has happened and I finally got the books to where I’m happy with them. It’s a good thing too because if you haven’t noticed, I and a group of talented filmmakers are breathing life into the story.

As we learned with Cassandra’s Castle, filmmaking is an extremely labor some and expensive medium, but it is more rewarding than you could even imagine! My partner Shawnaci Colin and I have been working ever since the spring of this year auditioning, casting, budgeting, and scouting for the best crew to produce a 15 minute short to present to film festivals and pitch to executive producers and distributors.

Ian’s Realm Crowdfunding Video from Dianne Gardner on Vimeo.

Early this month we filmed. An experience that sent me on cloud nine. Now we need to finish gathering funds to pay off people we owe and finance the editing and special effects.

If you have it in your heart to help back our efforts, it would be very much appreciated. We have some wonderful perks, including a special edition of Ian’s Realm that was signed by our actors, including the famous Robert Miano.

Thank you!

Follow this blog, I’ll be posting some fun things we’ve been doing behind the scenes!

Us trucking up a mountain to shoot a scene from Ian’s Realm.

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