In The Cave!!

Yesterday I posted on my FB page " I'm hiding in my cave today. If anyone wants me you'll have to wait. There's trouble brewing in the Realm I have to make it worse. "

If you haven't guessed I'm referring to book 3.2 of Ian's Realm titled Fallen Morning. I am writing this book completely on Wattpad.

I'm desperate for followers and fans. Why? Because we're making a movie of this series and we NEED an audience. Please take a peek at this free read and follow me.

You will need to read the previous stories in order to follow Fallen Morning. That includes the trilogy Ian's Realm Saga, and Layla Born at Night. Those eBooks can be found on Gumroad and I'm going to discount them as soon as I'm finished writing this blog. (Layla is no longer in digital format on Amazon. If you want to know why you'll have to send me an email and we can talk). Remember too that you can purchase signed copies of all my books in print on my website. Yes I will have Fallen Morning in print as well when it's finished.

If you're caught up with the series, at least up to Layla, then please race on over to Wattpad and sign in (Wattpad cost nothing for an account and you'll get a lot of other reads as well) and follow me, read Fallen Morning, give me a vote on the chapters, leave your comments anywhere you want in the book, and talk to me. The story is up for a Watty's award, and they have other crazy opportunities too but they want to see a fan base. I promise I'll write as quickly as possible. I'm on chapter 11 now.

While we're talking about Ian's Realm, did you see the awesome review that was written about our film on Vents Magazine? I'm floored! Here's a little excerpt from the review!

"Based on novels Ian’s Realm Saga by D.L. Gardner this fifteen minute “plus short film is the broad brush strokes of what a full scale full adaptation of D.L. Gardner’s Ian’s Realm series. Gardner and her collaborators, given the time constraints of the short film form, are unable to touch on every pivotal event in the series but they do an exceptional job of encapsulating the book’s essence or spirit in the brief time allotted. Chris Love’s direction is never heavy handed and displays a sure feel for the source material while cinematographer Tylor Jones does a superb job of aiding our suspension of disbelief and imaging the wilds of Washington state transformed into a land of dragons and magic.This is a top notch professional effort with polish and style to burn." Read the entire review. It's awesome!

Thanks for reading my blog! Enjoy your week.


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