Kids Making Believe in the Summertime

Summer was my favorite time of year. Of course it was! School was out. I could sleep in. I didn’t have to wear dresses (back then we had a dress code, folks!). I could play with my friends, the sun was out, the pool was open, libraries had special programs, the beach was only a few miles away…yes I LOVED summer.

Even when we didn’t get to go somewhere that day we spent hours and hours of playing and skating. My dad made us a play house, my mom painted horse heads on wood and my dad cut out the heads with his band saw (or whatever kind of saw that was…) and we’d reenact our favorite westerns, usually Bonanza or Have Gun Will Travel. Neat thing was my dad worked for Mattel Toy Co. so we got a lot of seconds including the cap guns.

So today I have grand kids over during the summer and I have no toys save for a few matchbox cars and trucks which they don’t really play with. Instead, like today they took our stash of boxes out of the shed and made robot costumes.

And a few weeks ago, when they stayed all day they made tipis in the back yard. They had so much fun even my adult daughter joined them.

We’re working on doing a movie..the grandkids and I. I’m letting the girls write the script and I’ll be bringing my video camera. It might take a few weeks to get it all put together but what better way to spend the summer? So I encourage you moms and dads and babysitters and grandparents…give the world of make believe to the kids this summer and see what they come up with.

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