Live Bold as a Butterfly

Photo by Ruth Marburger @2014

Live bold as the butterfly.

Why is it one can fear change? Do we wake in terror to the rising sun, each new and glorious day. Does the shifting axis that places us under new stars insight despair?

Is it frightful when dreary Winter days are brightened by Summer’s advancement upon them with Spring’s army of blossoms and warm breezes?

Does the butterfly hide in its cocoon afraid of its own metamorphism? Or does it live bold and spread its wings to uncharted skies?

There is change in your heart and your breath as you stroll down the path. Through rocky hills, and windy shores, along with your movement they change. There is no constant.

Do not drown yourself with fathom fears in the lake of insecurities.

I tell you live bold as the butterfly.

-Ruth Marburger

Photo by Ruth Marburger @2014

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