Living in the World of Make Believe

Have you ever wondered what is make believe and what is real?

I live around so many colorful people who walk a tight rope between reality and fantasy, between now and before, or now and to come. Artists, writers, reenactors, thespians, pirates, Renaissance Faire enthusiasts and others.  It’s become so much a part of the world I call home, I wonder if the realty others live in…you know the others who go to work every day, earn a living, wash their cars on the weekends, and watch Saturday Night Live… aren’t actually missing something. (And I wonder if their television experiences aren’t just their way of stepping into make believe).

Or am I just really lucky living in a country that offers that much room for my mind to expand? Do people in India or Africa, for instance, allow time to pretend, or dream?

I think they do.

Legends and fairy tales are being told all over the world and always have been. In fact, the novel I’m writing is inspired by legends from two ancient cultures, and how those tales connect to reality, and to each other.

Make believe is not just an escape, as some would like to claim it is, as my parent claimed it was when criticizing my inattentiveness. My theory is that make believe is the initial step it takes to create.

Without the forethought of what might be, how then can it come into being?

Perhaps that’s why so many science fictions stories ominously foretell the future. Certainly without an idea an aritst cannot form an abstract and fine tune it into an object of beauty. And how can an author write a book, or a producer make a movie?

Living in a world of make believe is a ball of kinetic energy ready to burst.

The big bang theory, perhaps!

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