Making a movie

Me and Alex Chandler setting up the camera.

Funny how making believe can turn into making a movie!

Have you ever collaborated with other artists?

Taking your creative ideas and sharing with other creative people, mixing and intertwining your imaginations and talents together to come up with something grand?

That’s what movie making is and the process is so fulfilling there isn’t anything quite as exciting. I think that’s why so many in the industry  are willing to work for credits, or for the fun of it, or to ‘get our name out there’. Really there has to be a legitimate reason for spending all day, and all night thinking about all day, releasing a good chunk of our money and our time, to get together with no foreseen compensation. I do thank my husband for allowing me to indulge in such craziness while he works hard bringing in an income!

There’s a project going on right now in my life that is bringing together some of the most capable talent I know. Actors and actresses, videographers, musicians, to put one of my books together in film. As soon as I get some permissions I’m going to introduce these good people to you! I hope you’ll come back and visit!

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