Making Back Story – Cassie

Cassandra’s Castle

Because this is the blog post for August 31, the official launch date for Cassandra’s Castle, we’re going to talk a little bit about Cassie.

Long before Cassie was born, she appeared to her father in a dream.

When the trumpet music played Ian saw the children forming a long procession. Each golden-haired child wore a robe a different color than the next, so that the line was a rainbow of color. The children danced. In the distance behind them he saw a turquoise sky and rolling hills that reminded him of Elysian Fields. Scattered along the way were tall Eucalyptus trees that blew gently in a warm breeze, leaves sparkling. The scent of the menthol boughs seeped its way into his lungs. He breathed deeply. When the children neared him, one by one, they whispered in his ear, “thank you.” The last little girl was different than all the others. Her hair was dark, thick and wavy like his. She walked up to him, knelt over his bed and kissed his forehead. He wasn’t sure he heard correctly, but when she opened her hazel eyes, and tossed her long dark ringlets off her shoulders, she said quietly in his ear, “Use your shield, Daddy.” What? She disappeared into the crowd. Then they sang their song. Even though their lyrics lulled him into a deeper sleep, he remembered the words clearly when he awoke.

Ian’s Realm Saga the Trilogy

When Cassie was born to Abbie and Ian Wilson, she was, to Ian the most special jewel in all the world. Not only had she saved his life while in the Realm, but she also gave him hope that he would someday be with Abbi again. For that he was eternally grateful.

So grateful, that when it came to parenting, he was on the soft side. She was raised in an upper middle class environment in the outskirts of Seattle. A latch-key child to two very busy parents. She was responsible, and sharp. Sometimes sharp-mouthed. She was very intelligent and somewhat bossy, traits she learned from being an only child and being spoiled.

She’s a loving girl, with a tender heart, and it isn’t until Cassie gets what she wants, which is finally going into the magical fantasy world her father told her about, that she has a real-life wake up call.

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