Making Back Story – Jovita

Cassandra’s Castle

Was it sunlight reflecting off her red curls that created a supernatural aura around her? Or was some other strange phenomenon the reason Jovita glowed? Ever since she was small,  the girl had the gift of miracles. Magic perhaps? or an extra sense that could see the future? Or had she come through a portal from a distant world where life was so much more advanced?

No one knows for sure. Jovita did not grow up in Alisubbo. Nor had she made the long journey from the Fjords as the fair-haired Boreals had. She appeared in the village as a teenager. Alone, on horseback,  and completely independent. She moved from  house to house, always helping with chores, caring for children, tending to sheep or goats. Whatever job was needed, Jovita was there to help. The town fell in love with her. They hailed her so highly , and she was so appreciated by the clergy, that Jovita was welcomed in the castle as well and became close friends with Queen Felicia. In the years she spent in Alisubbo, Jovita knew everyone, and yet very few people knew anything about her.

She seldom talked about herself as her concern for others always kept the conversation from turning to her own personal matters. There were only three people who knew Jovita well.

The queen.

Maestro Sanchez.It was rumored that Maestro Sanchez had at one time traveled to Jovita’s homeland long before the young woman arrived in Alisubbo. It was also rumored that at one time he had asked that nation for help during a particular battle against Taikus. Sanchez never confirmed the rumor, nor had he denied it. The war hero was the sort of personality who would let people think what they chose, for he insisted that to defend himself against a lie was only feeding the accusation. Regardless of what people said behind closed doors, Maestro Sanchez had a close relationship with Jovita.

The third person that knew Jovita was Valerio, who at one time sought the girl’s favor, which she refused. And yet she paid special attention to him throughout the years, despite his arrogance and temper.

Her mysterious ways remained a part of her charm, and people, both royalty and commoners, respected her reserve, and were thankful when she paid them her courtesy. Her advice was always revered, for when heeded, brought extraordinary good fortune.

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