Making Believe

Summer is winding down. The grandsons have come and gone.

Remember when people would talk about how hot the summer protests would be? The newscasters used to predict how much violence would happen in the summer. Usually they hit their mark pretty square on. Now the violence is all year long so we can’t really say the tempers are cooling off for winter.

However, I can honestly say I’m glad football season is almost here. I’m watching the preseason for the Seahawks right now.

What do I see in football? Aside from the game itself, I see mild entertainment, sort of like the gladiators, only without the killing.

There’s something about fellas that makes them want to wrestle and play rough with each other. It’s a guy thing. Yes, that statement is politically incorrect, however having raised both boys and girls, I can tell you, what I just said is naturally accurate. Boys like to play rough.

In the old days they played rough with swords and clubs and killed each other.

Today we have football. And I’d much rather see strong young men roughing it up on a football field than out in a war zone. And I’d much rather see people getting behind their teams instead of throwing stones through windows.

If the leaders of the world really wanted peace, whenever there was a disagreement they’d put together a football team and have them duke it out on the football field with the neutral countries as referees. Then we could all watch and enjoy.

Have a peaceful week!

#football #musings #play #solvingtheworldsproblems

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