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You know how you feel after you’ve read a really good book, and you don’t want to start another one because you’re still in the world of the book you just finished? Well that’s what it’s like after you write a book too.

So here I sit.

NaNoWriMo excitement is over, Dylan is off to the editors. Thanksgiving is over. The cold is settling in, and I’m hoping for a little reprieve before my husband and I leave for Ohio on the train.

I’ve had a wonderful time putting my artwork on VIDA’s collection, making new friends on Twitter, but I feel a little empty because I don’t have a story in front of me. I have had only a little luck with Thread of A Spider. I just went through RISING’s Facebook page today, and miss the passion I had for that story so I’m going to share a little word art here with you.

I sure hope this story gets picked up so I can bring it to readers.

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