Making Believe

I’m naming this post simply ‘making believe’, because so much can happen when the heart and imagination work together. Who knows how much power we really have? But when we ‘put our hands to the plow’ we’re working toward a harvest, aren’t we?

I have to confess. The story I’m most involved in now has a driving pulse to be told. It’s the child in me I’m sure, but when something so horrible happens to someone, my first wish  is to turn back time and live that moment over again.

I’ve told the story before. How I was doing research and came across don Manuel II. A young man, 18, who loved music and literature, a gentle soul, who was suddenly thrust into a position he never wanted, that of being a king of a rebelling country. This happening after he watched his father and brother murdered in cold blood in front of him.

Queen Amelia and don Manuel II

His mother had to help him reign however they could not appease the masses. Soon his castle was  attacked and he was taken out of the country and forced to live in exile for the rest of his short life. He was poisoned eventually, simply because he was born with royal blood, and died an early death.

So that was 100 years ago, and his story, his life left a pain in my heart though I never have been to Portugal. I never knew any of those people. But some how an aching happened for his circumstances. Being a fantasy writer, a person of make believe, I choose to write his story over and make it better for him if for no other reason than to sooth a mourning heart. Mine? His? The people in his country who loved him? I don’t know. I just know there’s a driving  force inside of me, and a plow at my hands ready to till soil.

Because the Ian’s Realm Saga was written as a consul for struggling youth, and don Manuel indeed had struggled more than any 18 year old boy should have, his story fit well into the fifth book of the series. Cassie, with her rebellious fortitude, at first misunderstands the entire situation and then is called to save him.

I pushed forward with this story and found a host of supporters, actors, musicians, camera people, who want to help me harvest and it amazes me. Before us lays acres and acres of farmland aching to be plowed. But we’re ready. The only hurdle is money, of course (what else!) So we started a crowd sourcing. It’s a challenge. Is there enough interest? I don’t know. I hope so.

Cassandra’s Castle is based on a coming of age theme. What does it take to understand the difference between the romanticized version of rebellion and freedom, and the often quite different reality of war? It is a question that should be asked by any generation, not just naïve young girls.

Please take a look, and if something tugs at your heartstrings, please help us!

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