Making Believe A to Z C for Chenoos


These are cool! Remember the first Peter Jackson Hobbit movie (how could you forget, right?) Well whoever thought up those giant mountains fighting each other…not original.

It seems the Iroquois know of the great stone giants long before movies were made or books printed.

Chenoos are clumsy giants. They have hot tempers and continually fight with one another. So crude are they that during their thunderous battles they’ll pick up trees and use them as clubs, or sling boulders at each other. Sound familiar?

There’s no reason to be afraid of them unless, like the Hobbits you are very small, and the boulder they sling just happens to be one you are climbing.

A Chenoo is rather shy of humans and when a person is near, they will camouflage themselves into the rocks (or mountains).

These North American spirits may not be what Tolkein was thinking of (or was it Peter Jackson?) Nevertheless, I see a very close similarity.

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