Making Believe A to Z D as in…

Could I do a creature alphabet blog post without doing a dragon? Would it be SO out of character for me to NOT do a post on the antagonist of Ian’s Realm?

He’s inspired my writing and introduced me to Ian,

He’s decorated my book (and even won an award for one of them.)

He’s prompted fan art (thank you John Rehenan)

He’s escorted me to book signings.

So how can I NOT feature Stenhjaert for the 4th day, the D-Day of the A to Z blog hop,

Yes. D is for Dragons. And I dearly love mine!

Stenhjaert is a huge cliff dwelling serpent who doesn’t talk, and has never, as of today, let any writer into his mind to study his thoughts. He feasts on fish that is given to him from the people who live by the sea in a little village called Menek. If you look into his past, you will know that he is part sea serpent, part spirit, and part magic. He is attracted to light, preferably flashes, and will attack under the right circumstances. When he does he is deadly, and there is no escaping his fury.

Unless of course you know where the portal is.

#portals #Stenhjaert #creatures #fantasychild #middlegrade #epic #dragons #fantasy

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