Making Believe Again!

Who is doing NaNoWriMo this year?

I am getting pretty experienced with this challenge so if there’s any coaching you need, send me word and we can talk about it on my blog. Books I’ve begun during NaNoWritMo are Rubies and Robbers, Pouraka (both published) and An Unconvetional Mr. Peadlebody which is currently being queried.

My writing style is pretty regimented. My favorite writing books to use as guidelines are John Truby’s Anatomy of Story and Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat. Both men are screenwriters, as well as novelists, and these authors know how to keep the reader turning pages.

  1. Things you can do today to prepare for the challenge: Create a premise Get to know your characters and give them goals, conflicts, relationships, and a journey. Outline your events.

The best way to becoming a great writer is to keep writing!

I may be sharing excerpts during the course of November.

Carry on!!

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