Making Believe and Coming True!

Finally I can say there’s a series waiting to be read!

Ian’s Realm Saga, the trilogy in one complete 598 page volume is in the final stages of publication and I’m thrilled to announce that Diary of a Conjurer is only a day or so behind waiting for its Library of Congress Registration.

Here is the cover for the newly rewritten, reedited combined story of Ian and his adventures in the magical realm. A collection of Deception Peak, Dragon Shield and Rubies and Robbers. Follow Ian from his childhood when he first enters the portal with his father to when he returns to uncover the mystery of the little French boy, the renegade pirates and the fire breathing dragon Old Stenhjaert.

Meet the Xylonites, the computer characters that come to life, the dragon worshiping Meneks,  the faithful Kaemperns, and the prophetic songs of the North Wind.

“Heroes come in many shapes in the real world and in Ian’s Realm. What makes a dad, or a warrior? How can love linger on in the face of loss? How can enemies be forgiven? And how can a boy know how he wants to spend his life? There’s a beauty to the tale and its telling. There’s wisdom in the characters’ growth. And there’s a delightful, satisfying symmetry to this journey’s end. For a great story, enjoy all three books in the trilogy, then search for more. Ian’s Realm will welcome you back.” -S Deeth Amazon Vine Reviewer

The tale of a young man looking for his identity, an old wizard who knows who the young man is, and a sorceress queen who can’t wait for him to discover himself so that her long lost treasure is back in her hands.

Diary of a Conjurer is book IV of the Ian’s Realm Saga. A fast paced journey of deception, treachery, and love. With the same characters in the prequels we meet Silvio the wizard, the Xylonites, Amleth, Aren and Britta again. Add a new cast such as the wicked queen of Taikus, Hacatine, a mysterious young man named Ivar and a beautiful warrior woman named Promise.

Included in this edition are the four short stories A Tale of the Four Wizards: Patriarchs of the Realm. Learn how the major cities of the charted lands of the Realm came to be, the wizards that gave them their names, with foreshadowing of times and places to come.

 These books are the PREQUEL to Cassandra’s Castle. With the launch of these books, we are one step away from launching Cassie’s story. I’m indeed excited!

If you want to know more about what is happening with Cassandra’s Castle visit our fundraising page and feel free to donate to help get her filmed!

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