Making Believe does come true.

Our company is extremely excited to be hosting a silent auction on the MV Kirkland. It was summer two years ago that I first heard about this old ferry built in 1929, and her sister yacht the El Primero. I was at a filmmaker’s conference and a young man who was agenting those boats attended and spoke briefly about  how they’d be available for locations for filmmakers.

The El Primero was built in 1893 and was known to be one of Teddy Roosevelts favorite getaways. Rich in history, Captain Lint still has some of her original log books. Original furnishing inside, pecan wood, mahghoney. It’s a floating museum.

I fell in love with the El Primero because it is so similar to the yacht that King Carlos owned, named after his wife Amelia. We have some scenes in Cassandra’s Castle that needed to be shot on a boat, and when I saw pictures of the El Primero, then birthed in Tacoma, I knew she was the one.

I had ideas for the Kirkland, also. Curiosity overwhelmed me and for two years. I called and emailed as many places as I could to try and contact whoever owned either of those boats. Finally I was referred to Captain Lint but it took another year to actually have a conversation with him. Just a few weeks ago he called and said, “I’m on my way to Bremerton.” and I said, “I’ll be there!”

What a wonderful conversation with a sea faring captain! I love that he wants to come to our auction because we’ll get to talk with him and he will meet all our guests. We’re wanting to do a documentary on the El Primero, and hopefully on some of Captain Lint’s tugboat stories as well!

Do stay tuned!

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