Making Believe I can Sing!

From Jane Carroll’s Bertha series, words of wisdom for every day living

What is it about singing?

Even today my husband thinks I’m crazy because when we drive somewhere, if our conversation wanes, I turn the music up. If you know me personally, you’ll know that my favorite singers, if I’m not listening to violin music or Celtic dance music, are the four romantic singers that make up the group Il Divo. What my husband doesn’t understand is that I’ll sing away to songs in French, Italian and Spanish and have no clue to what I’m singing.  I’ve perfected my accent too, even rolling my r’s.  (I actually do look up the translations eventually). But he says he doesn’t understand how I can sing with such soul, and not know what it is I’m saying.

Doesn’t matter.

Music is the breath of the heart.  Sometimes the music in a movie will win me over and though I might not like the story, I’ll love the music and enjoy the experience regardless.

Music can take you away to another world, or ground you solidly in this one. It can ease your mind, and restlessness. Remember how King Saul would have David come and play the harp for him when he was troubled?

I love my art studio. I love the smell of oil paints and the sanctuary feeling my studio has. Even my students remark about how special that place is. And when I paint, and even when I teach, you can bet there will be music!

I think singing, and our ability to make music are one of the most precious gifts mankind has!

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