Making Believe I know how to use Premier Pro!

Alex Chandler Photo credit Jennifer Angelucci-Medina

A step out of reality will take us along the path of wishes. The interesting thing about this metaphor is that the more you walk the fantasy trail, the more compact the dirt under your feet becomes. I’m experiencing this phenomena now.

You see I heard myself say time and again that I WISH I could edit my own video with Premier Pro. I have the software. The first time I opened it up I couldn’t even import a clip. I tried watching those tutorials but they all seemed to assume the viewer knew the basics. Each time I tried another step, I got a little farther until finally Alex Chandler, the videographer I work with on our projects, taught me some basics, and I am beginning to understand. Today I spent all day working on our Behind the Scenes video for Altered, The Day they Took the Children. Now I’m having fun!

So wishes don’t have to be lost in the clouds. They can become the inspiration to DO, the key to discovery, and the launch pad to new heights. I honestly cannot wait to share this video with you, we had so much fun filming! Thanks Alex for the lessons!

#filmmaking #encouragment #dreams #authors #reality #DianneLynnGardner #inspiration

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