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This blog’s theme is C.S. Lewis’ wonderful quote “You can make anything by writing,” and streamlines my posts into those of an author. But I was an artist long before I started writing, having oil painted ever since I was little. My mom used to give me her extra oil paints when she got new ones. I’d shut myself up in the kitchen and just paint away. After that she gave me sculpture lessons by a dear friend of hers when we lived in L.A. and I even won a blue ribbon for a bust I created at an art show when I was 13 years old. I studied with Master Sculptor John Henry Waddell in Arizona, Ned Mueller here in WA, and many more well known artists from both WA, AZ and California.

Having had 7 children, I sort of lost my creativity time for a few years but came back to it after moving to Washington, and especially now that I have a full studio all my own.

I’ve been selling portraits and plein air landscapes, taking workshops, and going on trips to paint for quite a number of years. Just recently I was invited by @VIDA studio design to upload my artwork onto their clothing. So, since I have a blog, I thought I’d give this collection a little mention, if you all don’t mind. You can also see more of my work on my website.

View my collection on @VIDA

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