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They say (“they” being all the industry advisors) that the best way to sell books is to write more. I don’t know about that. I certainly don’t want to get too back logged. But I DO have a story in the works i.e. outlined and researched, and thought I might just give it a spin and start a chapter tonight.

I’m excited for this one. I know, I’m always saying that but I get excited to write, I guess  and that’s what drums up the inspiration, kind of like a war dance.

Believe it or not, this story is a special request. A WWII historical romance based on the actual letters and life of a nurse in England and a wounded infantryman she cares for.

My sister-in-law gave me the materials it will be based on. Her mother’s experiences while she was stationed in England, with a host of newspaper clippings and other resources from the era tucked neatly away in her mother’s scrapbooks. It took me quite a while to index all of the letters, and to get an outline together. I’m beginning to see some scenes and I think I’m ready to dive into this piece of fiction. A new genre for me!

I’ll try to share my progress with you as I go with perhaps an excerpt here or there or a piece of trivia I come across concerning their lives.

So as I tune up my other two manuscripts, and I know my last blog post indicated I was giving up querying but I’m not. Not yet. I think this last review enlightened me somewhat. I was querying genre agents and I believe I should be seeking representation from agents who take literary fiction. So…but I will paint the cover of Thread of a Spider, and I’ll be working on that this weekend. Hope I don’t sound like too much of a flake!

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