Making Old New

Children are the focus of the holidays for the most part and in a lot of families. We have sixteen grandchildren and one great grandchild. I remember when I wrote my first novel, Deception Peak, and how I asked my grandsons what sort of book would they read.

They loved the idea of fantasy, and of a dragon. I had to promise them “no kissing”, though. However by the time I wrote book two they were a little older so I allowed for a bit of romance. The world itself is filled with countryside,  horses, tall ships, pirates, hunters and fishermen.

Map by John Renehen

Because the boys in the family grew up pretty much with an absent dad, my main character to that story, and the subsequent Ian’s Realm Trilogy, spends most of his life raising himself. Yes, it’s a coming of age story about a teen who has to overcome phenomenal obstacles, and the dragon is probably the least of his worries!

Whereas there are only a couple of reviews for the trilogy on Amazon, if you look up the individual books there, you’ll see many more praises for the stories. I hope you’ll take a look this Christmas season and at least get the saga for the young people in your life!

Take a moment to return to Ian’s Realm. The fantastical world where deception and treachery contests honor and valor. The first three books wrapped up into one.

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