Making, or Breaking The Wall

Time for a movie review.

Without reading anyone else’s movie review, that is.

And bear in mind there are spoilers. But I don’t think it will ruin the movie for you, and I’ll tell you why after we’re done.

My husband and I decided to get out of the house after a long week/month/ 1/2 year of rain. The sun was out, but since he’s doing chemo it was still a bit too chilly for him to go on a walk. So we went to a movie.

Now I have to admit I usually only want to go to movies when there is something that I really want to see. Today was not the day. I didn’t care to see Beauty and the Beast (I never liked that story), nor did I want to see Logan though I heard good reviews I watched about 30 seconds of the trailer and stopped it. Yuk I thought (I did not relate to the opening scene in the trailer).

The only trailer that interested me in the least was The Great Wall, mostly because Matt Damon has a handsome face.

I considered the movie about the teenagers…Before I Fall, but I knew my husband wouldn’t have wanted to watch that. So we decided on The Great Wall and just as we pulled into the theater I asked him one more time if he wanted to go for a walk and the answer was still “no”.

I will start with the negative so we can leave this on a happy note. I am not a big fan of a multitude of monsters storming through brick, and devouring people, buildings, walls, or whatever comes in their way.

Also, as a writer, I would say the movie began with too many monsters. They should have worked their way up in numbers with a few at a time so that all the battles didn’t have the same intensity. Once we got to the capital of China, they had already exhausted their audience.

Okay, with that out of the way, this movie had some really fine points.

The artistry was gorgeous. The costumes, the lighting, the color harmony. Visual eye candy not to mention the handsome and  beautiful actors. Very beautiful people in this film. Very much so. Sigh.

The story was good. Not great, but good. If there had been more story and less monsters I would have been happier. That being said, at least the armory was created with keen ingenuity. And again, the costumes were superb.

So as you can see, I ignored  the monsters, and focused on the story, and the lovely people, scenery, the wall itself was gorgeous, and all the other visuals, the movie held my attention and kept me from devouring the entire large, expensive, tub of popcorn by myself. Which my tummy is still doing summer saults from…kind of like Matt jumping off…oh…wait…no more spoilers.

Oh! And I forgot to tell you. Stay for the credits. They are absolutely wonderful. The handsome actors in those gorgeous costumes weaving in and out of the background tapestry of brick and mortar …wonderful art work. And I’m an artist so I appreciate those kinds of things. Kudos to the editors on this one!!

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