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Writing has been a means for me to say things that I wouldn’t be able to speak while in a normal conversation. Ever since I was young I found expressing myself on paper was much easier, and more fulfilling than talking, even if I didn’t have an audience.

When I was younger I had a tendency to be depressed. Often times I would sulk, not knowing why a darkness lingered inside of me. The only way I could make myself feel better was through poetry–both reading poems and writing them. I was a big fan of Edgar Allen Poe at that time of my life. Poe, and Shakespeare. I was searching for meaning in life, raking through the roots of my inner soul trying to make sense of my emotions. Those poets helped me because I saw through their characters, that I was not alone. Forever man has wondered who he is.

That’s why I love to write novels now.

I wanted to let you know that my new novel Thread of a Spider is on Kindle Scout at this very moment and will be for 30 days. I have a chance at being picked up by an Amazon imprint, but I need your help. If you could be so kind as to nominate my book for publication, I would appreciate it. In return, if it does get picked up and published by Kindle, they’ll send you a free ebook!

Please Nominate Thread of a Spider

I really appreciate it.

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