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Up on the hill above a quiet Ohio city, sits a lonely mansion whose exterior paint hangs in strips like lizards’ tongues, and wisteria braids itself in and out of the gables like an obscure spider’s web. An inheritance of sorts to three very confused half-breed vampires, two of whom would rather disinherit every thing it stands for, and one who must keep the family together. When Gerald Peadlebody finds a library of journals in the basement of the manor he becomes obsessed with solving the mystery behind his father’s freakish death.

Listen to the opening scene of “An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody” by Dianne Lynn Gardner read by Susan Echols-Orton and Chris Sheckler.

“Unconventional…” will be read aloud at HOSS on Saturday, April 9th in our 2016 Veer West Screenplay Festival live event.

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