Making the Rounds

Well we’re climbing back on this side of the mountain again.

I have decided that because it has taken me over a year to query with no results, I could have spent that time marketing the books that are sitting idle in my computer files…

Well not idle. I’ve edited, revised, rewrote, and wielded a magic wand to make these stories into something you might like to read.

Today, I have a fresh outlook on authorship. I am going to press on with these two new-to-the-world manuscripts and self publish them.

I’ve found some supportive Facebook Groups and blogs which offer a lot of ideas I never knew. I’ve published some of my other stories on Kobo (which I didn’t know I could do, either) and I have found some awesome editors that are cheering me on.

Besides Dylan and Thread of a Spider, I have another historical romance in the works, so I really don’t have time to sit around and get approval. However, I will try Kindle Scout again, so be prepared to be asked for a vote. I hope I have yours.

Other than that, all the world’s a stage…er…bookshelf.

But first…I am excited about painting the book cover to Thread of a Spider. So excited I have models coming to my studio next weekend to don some costumes and pose for me.

So watch my blog and I’ll give you a work-in-progress report!

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