Making “Thread of a Spider”

This has been so much fun. I am so unconventional. Does anyone else you know hire models to pose as people in their books and use the photos to create scenes? I must be crazy but I love it and I have no idea what’s to come of it. What’s more, I really don’t care. I love costuming, staging the story, making the word art. I’m crazy. But then the Mad Hatter says all the good people are crazy so at least I’m good in Wonderland!

Thanks to Tess Stuart and Kodhe, (Kodhe was one of our Xylonites during the filming of our first trailer), I had a marvelous photo shoot bringing Irish Ailis and Pádraig from Thread of a Spider to life today. I sense a screenplay coming on.

Pádraig trying to sneak up on Periwinkle, the she-Fae

Ailis and Pádraig look on, helpless, as the British arrest Ailis’ fiancé.

No one ever wins a war.

Be looking for it. Thread of a Spider.

#writing #literature #characters #thoughts #Ireland #novel #inspiration

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