Making Unconventional!

It is finally here! Our cover for An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody. The book will be out a week from Thursday and this week I’m revealing the cover and would love help from whatever bloggers want to help me! Feel free to ping, or ask me for some custom details. But here it is!

The vampire Rockford Peadlebody is dead.

His brother Gerald, his wife Ginger, and their son Raymond, all with a trickle of the same bloodline, head for grandpa’s estate only to discover that the great and mysterious Benjamin Peadlebody died a week earlier. It seems fishy to Gerald-two untimely deaths in the family. Yes, Rockford’s demise was of his own doing, but Benjamin? Perhaps the servant, a reserved, tattooed muscleman Richard Cottlebone knows more than he’s letting on.

No help comes from Ginger. She’s too busy trying to un-vampire herself. And Raymond just wants to be in love. Pity the mystery is in his lap, but Gerald presses on despite the stone cold receptions he gets…

Want to read an excerpt?

Today a slight breeze hinted of an approaching winter as Gerald stepped out his front door. He fixed his scarf up over his neck, filled his lungs with cold crisp air, and walked briskly around back. There he eyed Ginger high on her porch beating an area rug. Crows flew over her head and she waved them away with angry shouts. He snickered at her scrawny profile and the tasteless clothes she wore. The faded dress was acceptable he supposed, but why must she always wear mismatched socks? Was she blind? Today she wore one blue ankle sock on her left foot while a white knee-high stretched to the hem of her dress on her right. Their mates to the socks hung from a maple tree by her windowsill stuffed with thistle seeds – ragged decorations pecked apart by the creatures that she fed.

The stage play won “Best Mystery” in the Veer West Screenplay Festival, earning the script a special reading by professional actors in front of an audience a couple of months ago. Here is an excerpt.

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