May Flowers Poetry Competition

Fellow Bards, Songsters and Poets. In May I would like to feature a poem a day on my blog, written by YOU! Why? because I love poetry and I love illustrating poetry. I will feature one poem on my blog a day in the form of word art, with a photograph, a painting, something pretty to illustrated it with. Here are the rules.

Poems or songs should be no longer than 200 words or less.

No erotica or vulgar language. I write YA and tween, so whatever I post will be acceptable for young eyes.

I will choose one winner a day.

Winners will  be published on my blog and will get a word picture created of their poem that you can use anywhere you like. (Credit given to the artist or photographer (me) would be most appreciated!) I will also tweet, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn your poem with your credit.

Include your name, (as you want it to appear as credit) email address, and a link to your website so I can show off your work. First poem published will be May 1.

Submit your poem or song to me (music videos accepted too if you own the copyright) by leaving a comment below. 

Tell your friends!!

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