Movie Review: Philomena


A compelling story about a mother who was forced to give up her little boy to a convent and years later seeks to find her son again.

A very emotional story. Both Judy Dench and Stephen John Coogan did a superb job making this true story come alive. Simply told, this is movie-making at its finest.  No special effects, but lovely countryside and ingenious shots. The story and the acting kept my attention every minute. I highly recommend putting this on your MUST SEE list!

There was a time not too long ago, when my mother was young, when women who had children out of wedlock were not only shamed, but sent away. Often they were not heard of again for years, if ever. That was both in the Church and otherwise. Unfortunately what happened to Philomena Lee was a common occurrence. Times are different now in both America and Ireland, the countries where this story takes place, although there are still cruel punishments for the act of adultery throughout the world.

As a Christian I hold to my morals in my later years because I discovered the consequences of unwed motherhood when I was young, not because of any indoctrination.  I believe that the world was not made for promiscuity simply because it damages the child. Still, this story was heartbreaking because human beings sought to instill punishment on a young girl and her little boy, and they suffered their entire lives because of it.

To be a real Christian is to believe that our God is merciful. All too often man’s judgment steps in the way of God’s mercy, and when it does, it leaves a distaste in the mouths of non believers who find it in their hearts to forgive. The Church has gone through many eras of making those kinds of mistakes at the suffering of innocents. The Crusades for example and other missionary endeavors that conquered and made converts of  natives throughout the world, robbing them of their heritage.  Though men have done these atrocities in the name of Jesus, those mistakes should not be blamed on God.

The turning point in this story is when Philomena Lee confronts sister Hildegarde in their old age. Martin Smithsix has his own opinion of what happened, but Philomena Lee is the heroine.

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