Moving on to Make Believe


I’ve never produced a movie before. I have produced book trailers, and our crew is about to film a music video for Lexa Rose. (Check out the team). But part of Cassandra’s story is about  courage and doing things you never expected to do, like traveling through a portal to a different world, and fighting in a war, and saving people, and becoming part of a world filled with magic and wonder! So this whole process of producing a movie is analogous to Cassandra’s story. (I’ve already stepped into the world of Indie filmmakers, I’ve already fought a few battles, mostly with myself, I’m not sure I’ve saved anybody just yet, but the portal I’ve walked through  is one of magic and wonder!).

I’d like to include you, my followers, in on the process, that is if you want to come. In a sense, its very much a part of making believe i.e.  Making something become reality so that you really can believe.

So be on the look-out for some behind-the-scene footage as we move along with our projects.

Oh…and the company in charge of all this is Xylon Production L.L.C. (Yes, I’m responsible for that one too, myself and Victoria Adams and my dear sweet husband who wants to remain anonymous.)

Note: Xylon is the little computer guy Ian made in Deception Peak, and who ended up becoming a hero in the Ian’s Realm Saga.

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