My Daddy Has PTSD

Why did I write this book?

“I wrote My Daddy Has PTSD for my son shortly after I was diagnosed with PTSD. It became apparent to me that PTSD is a subject many people try to avoid because so few people understand what it is. That is the wrong answer. People need to understand, and it needs to start with our children.

During my seven year tour on a Unit Ministry Team in the U.S. Army I witnessed things that few people can imagine—things that will last in my memory forever. I also spent a lot of time dealing with Soldiers and family members who were battling symptoms of PTSD. So when I was diagnosed with PTSD, I knew exactly what I was dealing with. I also knew that my loving family would have to suffer right alongside me.

So I wrote this book as a tool to help explain to my son (and future children) exactly what it is that daddy is dealing with. I believe that plenty of other daddies (and mommies, too) can also use this book to help explain their symptoms to their children.

The subject of PTSD is very near and dear to my heart. I have seen the problems that trauma-caused anxiety, depression, stress and fear can create with Soldiers and their family members. I have heard the cries and witnessed the destruction. This disorder is very real, and more common than you may think.”

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