My Daughter’s Poem

My daughter wrote a poem for me on Mother’s Day and I am teary eyed!!

On Mother’s Day

I hope you do not expect a love story, a tale of lullabies and tenderness. That is not what stuck with me. It is the way, you some how turned it all into an adventure. It is the way, you made the essentials something appreciated. It is the way, nothing was to be taken for granted. The story I have to tell is of how we rose above the noise of success and society. How we did not become the victims, out of that demographic we climbed, with strength only known by those who face the struggle. You are the epiphany of stoic. You are strength. It was the way, you taught me to keep my shoulders back and my head high. You are my hero.

I love you Dianne Gardner happy day xoxoxo

#DianneLynnGardner #RuthMarburger

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