On Stage Making Believe

I am thrilled.

Not just because I get to write the stories hankering to be told, but because I get to work with some of the most dedicated and remarkable people in the world. I’ve been giving them a shout out individually on my Facebook page because these young people deserve more than what acting in Seattle can give them. They deserve to be recognized as serious and talented artisans dedicated to the assignments they are handed.

It’s ironic that the world spends so much time enjoying television and movies and yet so little time understanding and appreciating the labor that it takes to create these productions. I suppose it’s like anything else. You don’t know the work involved until you role up your sleeves and get your hands into the mix.

Please do me a favor, and if you’re on Facebook give these fine young people a like on their fan pages (scroll down to the widget on the right to find the link). I seriously appreciate it and I know they will too! Thank you.

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