Pouraka: An Underwater Romance

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Cora’s loyalty is torn between her human friends and her lover, Tas who detests mankind for infringement on the sea mammals’ habitat. When Tas attempts to rescue the local dolphin pod from a gill net, he is captured. With the magic of Pouraka, Cora changes to human form and travels on foot to rescue him, risking her own enslavement.

Time spent away from Pouraka leaves the cavern vulnerable and invaders threaten the existence of the mermaid clan until there is only one final hope for survival.

The story of mermaids, dolphins and their struggle to co-exist with mankind.

All life comes to the same end whether on land or in the sea. Tas could accept that. It was not death that disturbed him. A mer’s passing oftentimes was graceful, as is the swaying of the ocean under a summer’s moon. If his mother had died naturally, he would have taken comfort in knowing she was fulfilling the final cycle of life. But she didn’t die naturally.

Because of that, grief would adhere to him as mussels adhere to the pilings under the pier, skeletons of forgotten shapes crusting over remnants of a once-living creature. Tas will never forget.

Thus begins the story of Pouraka, and tonight, when it’s time to nominate this underwater romance you’ll get to read the first few chapters. Help make Pouraka a reality!

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What the the beta readers are saying about Pouraka

Many a novel has roused my imagination and even seeded a desire to live elsewhere, but nothing ever made me wish to live in the depths of the deep blue sea like Dianne Gardner’s new adventure, Pouraka. 

How would it be to be part of a colony of merfolk; half human, half cetacean and bear the heavy burden of saving your kind while battling with your desire to fit in with the other two species?  Most of us are aware that Blackfish opened the eyes of many and made us realize that the cetacean species possess an incredible amount of self-awareness and intelligence.  They are able to feel, mourn, love and feel allegiance to their families.  Pouraka offers a glimpse into the battles that rage between the greed of the humans and the desperation of their prey who only want to live in peace while the humans capture and maim. 

This page-turner adventure brings you into the lives of the mermaids and mermen and literally whets your appetite for another sequel. Couldn’t put it away, couldn’t put it down and couldn’t stop thinking about it!  Brilliantly written!

– Shelly Wilkerson

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