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I participated in a Black Friday shopping event one time in my life.

I felt like an idiot getting up at 5 in the morning to go Christmas shopping, but the ad in the paper said there was going to be this phenomenal sale on children’s pajamas, and since I have 16 grandchildren, and my grandma always bought me pajamas, I thought I’d pass on the tradition and give all my grandchildren sleep apparel for Christmas! So rising at O-dark-thirty was, to me,  a worthy compromise.

Yes the parking lot was full. Yes I guess I was late. And NO the pajamas were not on sale.

That was the last time I shopped a Black Friday hay-day event. Ever.

Well I have fun news for those who refuse to be fooled by ads and hoopla. You can stay home tomorrow and get some fantastic sales and maybe even win a prize or two…that is if you like books and you know people who like books. And you DON’T have to get up before the sun comes up. (Party starts at 10 am PDT).

My publisher Master Koda Select Publishing is having their annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday Party. And it isn’t all about selling books so I can honestly say this isn’t an advertisement, but rather an invitation. We are giving away an incredible number of prizes all weekend long.

Amazon Gift Cards 1st place $75, 2nd place $35, 3rd place $20 Given by MKSP and eBookbargainstoday doTERRA essencial oils – Value $60.00 Given by Joyce Kaiser Professional Editing Job – Value $250.00 Given by Vikki Zerbe Becker of ‪#‎EnchantedEditing‬ Winter Wreath – Value $45.00 Given by Terri Terri Renshaw Dryden Dryden of Terri’s Crafty Creations Sage Hill Farms Organic Herbs, Teas, and condiments – Value $80.00 Given by Bea Kunz of Sage Hill Farms Tupperware bowls for your holiday baking needs. Value $58.00 Given by Jenny Jenny Brown Welker Healthy Skin Care by Ava Anderson – Value $45.00 Given by Becky Becky Florence Copley Tweets by Siefken Publications – Value $5.00 Given by Wendy Siefken Greens on the Go and It Works! Body Wraps – Value $160.00 Given by Stephanie Grillett eBook bundle – Titles by various authors – Value $50.00 Given by MKSP and Friends Connect with us:

And that doesn’t include the eBooks and prizes each host is going to be giving away. I know I will be giving a couple of mine away. So really, you do need to join us on Facebook and pop in over the weekend.

So please

Join the Facebook Party!

November 27 to Nov. 30

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