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Updated: Jun 2, 2019

I know there's a third dynamic to that saying, "reading, writing, and arithmetic," but I don't do the latter. Numbers to me are a foreign language and I never could master either.

I have been reading though. After finishing the entire Robert Jordan series Wheel of Time in three months (I should have reviewed each book separately but I couldn't put one book down long enough to write a review), I began another book. Magical Betrayal by my friend Lorri Moulton. This novel is a fun story and I haven't finished reading it yet but when I do, I will review it. I'm enjoying the journey!

The reason I did not take it with me on our recent trip is because it is a Kindle version and we were headed into the boonies in a place called Sprague River, Oregon where my daughter lives. They only have a generator for electricity.

So I began reading another book (hardbound) which my good friend Gwen Whiting, also an author, gave me. A Robin Hobb TOR adventure called Ship of Magic, an interesting premise where ships made of Wizenwood actually become alive and develop their own personalities. Into the fifth chapter I was ready to put the book down and then suddenly the plot picked up and the book sparked my interest again. I love tall ships, which is probably the only reason I stayed with it that long. But now that the characters are all introduced and the adventure has begun, I will finish. Expect two reviews coming your way in the near future.

As far as writing, summer is hardly the time to begin a new story what with all the book signings, art exhibitions, and family events. However I have a habit of making things difficult for myself. I began outlining book 3.2, the sequel to Layla. This is an extremely important book and should be filled with all sorts of adventure. Ian finds himself in trouble with the wicked queen, Britta's husband, Abbi, and Abbi's father. Not to mention the score of police and scientists who've invaded his father's house looking for the portal. Filling in the 8 years between Rubies and Robbers (part 3 of Ian's Realm Saga) and Diary of a Conjurer, I'm giving Ian a darn good reason never to want to go back to the Realm. If only Cassie knew, right?

Anyway there you have it for this week's update. I'd send along some photos of our trip to Sprague River Oregon...but there's not much there. (All you folks from Sprague Oregon can laugh now).

We really enjoyed visiting our daughter and her family in Sprague. I love small small towns!

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