The mountain top experience. You don’t have to make believe!

You could imagine how wonderful it is to fly above the clouds, not seated in a chair in a silver tube that shakes and rattles, but with arms outstretched against the wind, the smell of earth beneath you.

You could imagine complete silence so still that it takes your breath.

You could imagine the fragrance of spruce so pleasing it feeds your soul.

Or the sight of wildflowers lacing a meadow with color.

You could, but you don’t have to because these things were given to you.

For the effort of tackling the heat, the dust, commanding your heart and body to carry on you can reach that precipice.

The moment you become one with that warm and splendid mountain keeping guard over the inhabitants of the earth. Still and silent. Hovering over all, seeing all, comforting all.

I am grateful for the mountain.

#challenge #Nature #Americannorthwest #country #beauty #countryroads #mountains

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