The world of the false Utopia

So where do books like The Hunger Games come from? If they are indeed fantasy, or dystopia fantasy (which I like to define as dysfunctional utopia) how do they fit into this over-the-rainbow fairyland world?

I’ve read all three of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and I have to admit I wasn’t  attracted to the premise when first introduced. When a friend told me the story was about teenagers being put into an arena to kill each other I thought…oh…okay. But then I heard  my daughter’s college made the series required reading. She then had all of her children read the books as well. So I thought I had better join in and at least see what the excitement is all about.

They are well written books, and I’m sure the movies boosted the sales. Instead of doing a review, though, (I’m sure you can find thousands of reviews for the Hunger Games), I want to talk about the premise alone.

Teenagers put in peril. Not only put in danger but forced to turn against each other to the death. An element of survival. An element of oppression.

There has to be some current political undertone. Are our teenagers being oppressed? What is it that our youth so heavily relate to in this story? I would love comments here.

I know when I was a young mother many people were refusing to have children. They would say, “Why bring another child into this world of darkness?”

Life is indeed rough on children but hasn’t it always been.? I can’t think of an era when children have not been oppressed. Enslaved even. Look at stories such as Oliver Twist, and Les Miserables. Surely countries raging in war and rebellion should offer plots equally as compelling for youth to read and relate to.

I was told it was the heroism of Katness that brought the teens to audience the movie. True, there’s nothing as dashing as a pretty young maiden with a bow and arrow protecting herself and her loved ones from predators.

I don’t think that’s the whole of it, though.

The story takes place in the future. In a world where the people are completely contained and controlled. Katness is the symbol of rebellion and I believe teenagers heard her heart.

There is good in people. Even when the world refuses to admit it, someone somewhere cares. And through the books and the movie, that little thread of love resonated like a string on a mandolin, vibrating until the sound could no longer be contained.

Is the world getting so dark, that we have to put our ears to the ground and listen intently for the sound of love? Are our children straining to hear? Is that the kind of world our children live in?

I just wonder.

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