Life’s been crazy busy with the holidays, with family, and working on the NaNoWriMo novel which I’m extremely pleased with but must do a lot of research to continue. Periwinkle’s draft is almost finished, but amazingly I did not end it. I kind of laugh because usually I’m excited to end my novels, but this one’s open ended. Not sure why!

Cassandra’s Castle is in the fire, and some incredible things may be brewing but I’m not at liberty to say anything yet.

Commissions for artwork has picked up so I’ve been busy painting. I had a wonderful day today working with my good friend Kathy O’Brien in her lovely studio. Kathy is a wonderful artist.

I’m excited to share An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody with everyone. I’m in the process of writing the novel into a screenplay. Some friends and I are resurrecting a well-known theater group here locally and we will be performing it as soon as we have a stage. I’m hoping this will be something that Port Orchard WA can call its own!

So without any more small talk, I present to you Chapter 2. The Will. Please enjoy and please leave comments!

Having buried his father and the horrors of his childhood, Raymond joins his Mum, Ginger and his uncle Gerald at the manor to hear the reading of the Will. Chapter 2.

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