Where the Yellow Violets Grow

And so this weekend I introduce to you my newest novel.

Where the Yellow Violets Grow.

Maybe we’ll be home by Christmas. It’s so lovely in Pennsylvania at Christmas time. And then you and I could walk in the woods. The forest is beautiful in the winter. I’ll show you where the yellow violets grow. We’ll dig in the snow and find the trailing arbutus. They have a lovely fragrance. -Lieutenant Janet Castner

A WWII historical romance based on a true story.

Book Signing at the Kitsap Home and Garden Show March 16 through 18.

Book Signing at Olympia Barnes and Noble March 31.

I am signing at Barnes and Noble March 3, but the store was unable to acquire Where the Yellow Violets Grow so I will be signing my other books at that time.

The eBook is distributed worldwide. Kobo, iTunes, Etc . It is on sale as a pre order for .99 and will remain .99 until March 10. 

You can read more about the book on my website.

This book has come about as an effort of a lot of people. My sister-in-law, my wonderful editors, John Renehan cartographer, Les Solot Les for cover art. And right now we are making an audio narrator by actors Cheyenne Bizon and Paul Bugallo.

I hope you enjoy it! Please leave your thoughts as a review where you purchase the book. I do appreciate it! Thanks.

#cleanromance #sweetromance #wwiiromance

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