Pouraka, an underwater romance, a tale of the sea.

Pouraka is more than a love story, though it is that. It's a tale about the sea, the pure and simple creatures that it protects, and their struggle to coexist with mankind. If you care for dolphins, if you love mermaids, if you care for the health of our planet, if kindness and gentleness is important to you, and if you love a romance, than I think you will enjoy Pouraka.


Pouraka is a magical sea cavern tucked under the rocky cliffs near Barnacle Bay. Cora, a Pouraka mer, is torn between her friends in the seaside town, and her true love Tas, a foreign mer whose people fled
when men invaded their waters. Thinking Pouraka a safe haven, the merpeople soon discover that even the shores of the bay are targets for industrial expansion.

Life becomes more difficult once an arrogant oil rigger's son, Tom, finds Barnacle Bay and the rich
aquatic life it harbors. When Tas attempts to rescue a pod of dolphins from Tom's gill net, he is captured and taken away as a prize to be sold to a theme park. When Cora hears of his capture she changes into human form and travels south to find him, risking her life to free him.

Time away from Pouraka leaves the cavern vulnerable, and a new threat arises when tourists discover its magic.